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Faker provider methods

I'm a big fan of Faker not only for tests but for cases where you need to generate random "real" data.

Thing is on the documentation is hard to find all the providers faker method at once, so I just extracted the one available on version 4.1.1 in order to have (and guess in some cases) what I want to use.

NOTE: no documentation of each method sorry (in the developer's method name we must trust)

add_provider date_this_decade ipv6 port_number seed
address date_this_month isbn10 postalcode seed_instance
am_pm date_this_year isbn13 postalcode_in_state sentence
android_platform_token date_time iso8601 postalcode_plus4 sentences
ascii_company_email date_time_ad itin postcode set_formatter
ascii_email date_time_between job postcode_in_state sha1
ascii_free_email date_time_between_dates language_code prefix sha256
ascii_safe_email date_time_this_century language_name prefix_female simple_profile
bank_country date_time_this_decade last_name prefix_male slug
bban date_time_this_month last_name_female profile ssn
binary date_time_this_year last_name_male provider state
boolean day_of_month latitude providers state_abbr
bothify day_of_week latlng psv street_address
bs dga lexify pybool street_name
building_number domain_name license_plate pydecimal street_suffix
catch_phrase domain_word linux_platform_token pydict suffix
century dsv linux_processor pyfloat suffix_female
chrome ean local_latlng pyint suffix_male
city ean13 locale pyiterable tar
city_prefix ean8 localized_ean pylist text
city_suffix ein localized_ean13 pyset texts
color email localized_ean8 pystr time
color_name file_extension location_on_land pystr_format time_delta
company file_name longitude pystruct time_object
company_email file_path mac_address pytimezone time_series
company_suffix firefox mac_platform_token pytuple timezone
coordinate first_name mac_processor random tld
country first_name_female md5 random_choices tsv
country_calling_code first_name_male military_apo random_digit unix_device
country_code format military_dpo random_digit_not_null unix_partition
credit_card_expire free_email military_ship random_digit_not_null_or_empty unix_time
credit_card_full free_email_domain military_state random_digit_or_empty upc_a
credit_card_number future_date mime_type random_element upc_e
credit_card_provider future_datetime month random_elements uri
credit_card_security_code get_formatter month_name random_int uri_extension
cryptocurrency get_providers msisdn random_letter uri_page
cryptocurrency_code hex_color name random_letters uri_path
cryptocurrency_name hexify name_female random_lowercase_letter url
csv hostname name_male random_number user_agent
currency http_method null_boolean random_sample user_name
currency_code iban numerify random_uppercase_letter uuid4
currency_name image_url opera randomize_nb_elements windows_platform_token
currency_symbol internet_explorer paragraph rgb_color word
date invalid_ssn paragraphs rgb_css_color words
date_between ios_platform_token parse safari year
date_between_dates ipv4 password safe_color_name zip
date_object ipv4_network_class past_date safe_email zipcode
date_of_birth ipv4_private past_datetime safe_hex_color zipcode_in_state
date_this_century ipv4_public phone_number secondary_address zipcode_plus4